Terms of Service

Our TOS or Terms of Service are simple and are as follows:

1. BART is provided on an "as-is" basis. We do not make any promises or give any guarantees that BART will help you win when you play at an online casino. Playing casino games online is a very risky endeavor and you will more than likely lose in the long run.

2. BART is provided on a prepaid subscription basis. If you are not sure if you want to pay for a subscription,  we strongly urge you to sign up for the FREE TRIAL to test it out. If you are satisfied you can then proceed with a paid subscription. Once a paid subscription is activated, there will be no cancellation/refund.

3. BART is a hosted application and requires a reasonably fast internet connection to access and interact with. If your internet is not fast enough, you may experience a slower response when using BART. Any network latency will impact the user experience and this is totally out of our control. We will not be held responsible or liable in any way. for whatever reasons.    

4. BART analyzes the data you enter and then makes a forecast for the next outcome. There is no guarantee of the accuracy of the forecast and it is your decision to either follow the forecast or not. Ultimately any betting decision you make is your own responsibility and we will not be held responsible in any way for any losses you may incur when you use BART.

5. Your BART subscription is for your personal use only. You are not permitted to share your login credentials for your BART subscription with anyone. If you do share and our system detects that more than 2 different IP addresses are accessing BART from the same account, your account will be automatically suspended.


BART is the ultimate online casino game-playing companion that allows users to enter live session results for tracking, analysis, and forecasting the next outcome.