Tháng Bảy 22, 2022


I failed to record Session-003 so I made the extra effort and recorded Session-004. Slowly but surely I am getting the hand of making videos but frankly, it is taking way too much of my time which could be spent playing more sessions.

Anyways I will keep doing it until it gets too much for me to but hopefully, by then there will be enough sessions to convince you that if you make a plan and play with patience you can achieve consistent winnings with BART's help.

That is the primary purpose of these videos really - to demonstrate that it can be done, and quite easily too.

Looking at the above BART session you can see that in sessions like this, BART can deliver amazing results. Even at this halfway point in the shoe, BART had forecasted 24 WINS vs only 11 LOSSES.

Had I started right at the beginning of the shoe and just followed BART's forecast I would be 13 units ahead even with flat-betting BUT like I said, my objective is to just make 5 units every session and that's it.

When you make a plan, make it modest and achievable. There's no point in making a grand plan that is not achievable. When I say achievable, I mean that each session's target is achievable. That is the reason why I don't care that BART can give me more than 10 or even 20 wins a session because what I am after is consistency.

I don't want to win 20 units this session and then lose 15 units the next session if I am reckless and impatient. What I am more concerned about is winning 5 units every single session and that is how my long-term plan can be achieved. Rome wasn't built in a day - remember that!

*** And here is the link to Session-005


BART là người bạn luôn đồng hành trên sòng bạc trực tuyến cho phép người dùng nhập kết quả phiên trực tiếp để theo dõi, phân tích và dự đoán kết quả tiếp theo.