September 10, 2022


When I was playing online last night, I encountered 3 awesome sessions and I just had to capture the screenshots to share.

The first session was a session where BART's forecast was just unbelievable with a high percentage of WINS > LOSSES. The first image below is the table - I captured it so you can look at it together with the 2nd image below which is the BART session:

Just look at BART's forecast! After the 40th hand, BART had forecasted 26 WINS vs just 9 LOSSES! This is how accurate BART can be and I have seen even better sessions in the past that I did not capture. Imagine, even if you played flat betting, you would still be up 17 units!

The next session was the complete opposite but don't jump to the wrong conclusions or deductions. Take a look and I will explain how I still won easily with this scenario.

So in the above session, after 41 hands, BART had forecasted 14 WINS vs 23 LOSSES. In my case, I made a decision somewhere after the 15th hand that I would bet against BART. My objective was just to win 5 units anyways and I managed that quite easily. So when you see sessions like this, where BART is forecasting more losses than wins, just bet against BART and you will be able to secure easy wins!

The 3rd session I captured is below:

In the above session, BART was also forecasting more losses than wins and as you can see, after the 42nd hand, BART had forecasted only 12 WINS vs 26 LOSSES. Again, I managed to win my 5 units easily because I bet against BART's forecast.

Some people might say, "what's the big deal to win just 5 units?" ...the question is, can you win 5 units every session? I made a plan and as you might have been following the case studies, I had started with just RM100 and I played according to my game plan, and I grew that RM100 into almost RM10,000!

If you have subscribed to the Free Newsletter, you will be receiving the full details including a spreadsheet I use to plan and track my progress. You can download it and edit it for your own personal use. You don't need a huge bankroll as I have demonstrated. You just need to be patient and not be greedy. Remember, you don't need to bet every single hand! Once you win your target units, exit the table!

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