June 11, 2022

How to Leverage on W vs L

One of the biggest and most common mistakes when using BART is to focus only on the winning ratio (Wins-to-Losses) of BART's forecasts. BART's forecasts can result in 3 possible scenarios:




Of course, we cannot tell how a session will end up, but very often, as the play progresses, you can get a sense of the direction it is heading. If you see scenario 1 unfolding and you follow BART's lead, you will end up doing pretty good.

You can also profit with scenario 2 by applying the right money management strategy to capture a win.

The 3rd scenario is the one most often criticized and overlooked by players. When they see a W/L ratio of something like, say 12/24, they will conclude that BART is not accurate in forecasting at all (which is a fair conclusion) and they then mistakenly abandon the session.

Why "mistakenly" I hear you ask? Well, think about it for a second, if BART's forecast is yielding a W/L ratio of 12/24, you can interpret the results in a different manner and come out on top. How? Just bet opposite of BART's forecast! It's simple, logical, and very powerful. So, even though BART's forecast resulted in only 12 Wins and 24 Losses, that does not mean that yours will be if you learn to leverage on the signals presented.

It is quite impossible to know beforehand how a shoe will unfold and BART tries to gauge the trend by analyzing the distribution of BANKS and PLAYERS as well as the trend of DoDs. The trend of Wins vs Losses is a very important signal in the overall process of forecasting the next hand.

Knowing when to start betting the opposite of BART's forecast will come down to experience. As you use BART more and more, you will no doubt be trying out different values of ALPHA as the session progresses to try and find the optimum value that gives the most number of Wins.

To get a better feel of the trend you need to record more outcomes. Do not be too hasty to bet against BART if you have only entered a small number of outcomes. As always, you do not need to bet every hand. If in doubt, just keep monitoring for a few more hands, and when you are confident you are gauging better, only then place your next bet.

If a session is yielding more LOSSES than WINS, make use of that knowledge by betting opposite to secure wins! In fact, a very badly forecasted session presents superb winning opportunities!

So, the next time you encounter a poor W/L ratio, don't fret or think negatively. Instead, think positively and leverage that fact by betting opposite to the signal!

All the best to you and don't forget this very simple but very important tip!

Happy Winning!


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