July 21, 2022


I started Session-003 with a bankroll of RM115 and set out to win 5 units @ RM1 to close out the session with RM120.

I picked the table that was exhibiting s streaky nature and entered 21 hands into BART.

BART Session-003

As you can see above, after 21 hands, BART was forecasting an equal number of WINS and LOSSES at 9 a piece, so I did not place any bets and just kept entering more results until hand 30 which was a TIE.

I then started betting from the 31st hand and I went with BART's forecast. The next 7 hands were a rollercoaster and I was still neutral after the 37th hand which was a TIE.

However, I continued to bet with BART's forecast and from the 38th hand onward, I managed to easily secure 5 units and closed out the session with RM120 as intended.

Sorry I did not record the video again for this session. I did try but the connection was again very slow and my screen kept freezing up so there was no point to record it.

This session is a good lesson to test your patience. There was no clear trend even after I entered 21 hands so I just continued entering results and monitoring the charts and the D=1, D=2, and D=3 values. D=1 was behaving as expected but D=2 was lagging way behind while D=3 was fluctuating.

I had high hopes that another short streak would come soon and I just had to wait for it and that was exactly what happened. Between hands 28 and 49 there were 2 short streaks and one with 5 players that allowed me to secure my 5 units easily and I happily ended the session.

*** And here is the link to Session-004


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