July 23, 2022


I started Session-006 with a bankroll of RM130. If you recall, I ended Session-005 on RM130.25 because of 2 B6 wins, so I transferred RM0.25 out to my main wallet and resumed this session with RM130 with the aim of winning 5 units as before to close out with RM135.

I tried to record the video but once again, the internet connectivity was playing up and my screen kept freezing so I decided not to bother and try to record again later in another session if the connectivity improves.

Anyways, it was a straightforward session and I made 5 units without too much fuss.

I only started betting after the 24th hand and between the 32nd and 44th hand, there were 6 TIES which was quite unusual and I was tempted to abandon the session with a 2-unit gain at that point, but I stuck it out and was rewarded with a streak of 5 wins forecasted by BART and easily secured the 5 units I set out to achieve.

*** And here is the link to Session-007


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