July 23, 2022


Continuing on from Session-010, I started Session-011 with a bankroll of RM155 with the aim of winning 5 units to close out with RM160.

This session took less than 5 minutes to complete!

BART Case Study Session 011
BART Session 011

I entered 14 hands and observed that BART had forecasted 4 WINS and 8 LOSSES and I was thinking that this could be one of those sessions where BART's losing forecasts would dominate but it was a bit earlier to draw that conclusion so I was very cautious.

After the TIE, I decided to wait and see and skipped the bet. The DoD Chart looked like it might do a reversal mirroring but PLAYERS were not particularly strong so I was not convinced it would happen so I waited again and skipped the next bet as well.

The TIE was followed by 2 BANKERS which resulted in one WIN and one LOSS for BART but that was a good result because it signaled the start of a possible 2 - 2 pattern as indicated by the DoD Chart.

If DoD Chart's indication was correct, it would mean the 2 BANKERS would be followed by 2 PLAYERS and this was supported by BART's forecast so I bet on PLAYER for the 18th and 19th hands and won both.

BART then forecasted BANKER for the 20th hand which was also in line with the DoD Chart so I followed suit and bet on BANKER and won the next 2 hands as well.

By now, BART was forecasting an equal number of WINS and LOSSES at 9 a piece so I decided to just stick with the earlier deductions and followed BART's forecast and placed my bet on PLAYER, and won my 5th unit to close out the session with RM160 as intended.

You can see from the charts that the DoD signal was still going strong even after I closed out my session. I love it!

*** And here is the link to Session-012


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