July 23, 2022


Continuing on from Session-013, I started Session-014 with a bankroll of RM170 with the aim of winning 5 units to close out with RM175.

This session was a bit tricky but I still managed to close out as intended.

BART Case Study Session 014
BART Session 014

After entering 26 hands, I observed that BART had forecasted 16 WINS and 9 LOSSES - not too shabby! The ESF W/L RATIOS being mostly positive was a good sign too so I was feeling confident to secure the 5 units quickly.

I took BART's lead and between the 27th hand and the 34th hand I had won 4 units and needed just one more to reach my session target.

And out of the blue came a BANKER streak which I missed as I neglected my attention on the D=1 value which was extremely strong and I would have caught it had I been paying attention.

After losing a couple of bets to the BANKER streak I skipped a couple of bets and eventually went with a BANKER bet on the 41st hand which happened to be a B6 as well. I stuck with BANKER for the next bet and won and then lost the 43rd bet to PLAYER as I was still on BANKER.

I then reverted back to betting with BART's forecast for the next few hands which were all PLAYERS and managed to secure the 5 units as intended and closed out the session with a balance of RM175.

Missing the BANKER streak was a wake-up call for me to take a long break as I had been playing too many consecutive sessions and posting the results each time and was starting to feel slightly fatigued.

Anyways, I think these 14 sessions are enough to convince you that BART does really help with bet selection and that you can win consistently playing baccarat.

I won't post any more sessions after this one. I will just keep building up until I hit a higher level and then maybe record the odd sessions to post and keep the series going ok.

Until the next one, I wish you all the best with your online baccarat sessions.

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