How to use BART for Baccarat

If you are logged in, you will be on the ACCESS PRODUCTS page and your screen should be as below :
BART Access Products
To start a new baccarat session, simply click the START NEW SESSION button and a new tab will open which will show the BART data entry sheet as shown below:
After you are logged into your online casino, show the Baccarat Tables and pick tables that are just starting or with only a small number of hands already dealt as shown below - OK indicates a suitable table:
Baccarat tables
Once you have selected the table you are going to play on, start by quickly entering the results from that table into the ENTER RESULTS HERE column by typing either B, P, or T. After each entry, BART will forecast the next outcome under the column NEXT ESF-BET. You can then choose to either follow BART or to go against the forecast. It is up to you.

chosen tableBART new session
The more data entered, the more accurate BART will be. With the new version 3.0, you no longer need to vary the value of ALPHA as this has been optimized. However, an optimized ALPHA does not necessarily mean that W >L for all sessions. You can still get sessions where L > W and you can bet against BART's forecast to secure winners.
Chosen table with more dataBART v3.0
As you can see from the real live sample session data above, BART is performing pretty well! 

The graphical trends show you how the shoe is trending. The first graph shows the trend of actual BANKER and PLAYER outcomes. The graph next to it shows the trend of forecasted BANKER and PLAYER outcomes.

The DoD Chart is very useful once sufficient results have been entered. The direction is simply this: if the line goes UP it means the result was the same as the previous outcome. If it went DOWN it means the result was opposite to the previous outcome. If it is horizontal it indicates a TIE. So looking at the chart, you can also gauge if it is going to go UP or DOWN and make your bet selection accordingly. And based on the theory of Dynamic-Ds, DoD should tend towards equilibrium at zero but that doesn't mean it will - just generally speaking.

BART also tracks the winning and losing forecasts as the game progresses and calculates the W/L Ratios to show you. Using all these various indications, you can gauge your next bet with more insight and hopefully help you win more!

It is highly recommended that you do not bet every hand. And learn to be disciplined to quit the shoe if you have suffered a certain number of losses or after you have achieved a certain number of wins.

In terms of money management strategies, flat-betting is highly recommended with the occasional parlay on a win if the trends justify it.

There are 2 ways to utilize BART: you can bet with BART or you can also bet against BART - the choice is yours.

Please also look at the various case studies and get even more insights on how to have successful sessions using BART when playing baccarat online.

Wishing you all the best!

BART version 3.0

With the new release of BART version 3.0 for Baccarat, BART will now take TIEs into consideration as well as automatically optimize the value of ALPHA. You no longer have to play around with the value of ALPHA to try and get the best forecast.

To reiterate, please note that even with ALPHA optimized, it doesn't mean that the number of winning forecasts will always be more than losing forecasts. But it also doesn't mean that BART is not useful when losses are more than winners. As explained in this blog post, you can still leverage BART by betting the opposite!

Even though BART now forecasts for possible TIEs, it is not a recommended bet so place your TIE bets in moderation and don't go crazy with them.


BART v3.0


BART is the ultimate online casino game-playing companion that allows users to enter live session results for tracking, analysis, and forecasting the next outcome.