When I was playing online last night, I encountered 3 awesome sessions and I just had to capture the screenshots to share.

The first session was a session where BART's forecast was just unbelievable with a high percentage of WINS > LOSSES. The first image below is the table - I captured it so you can look at it together with the 2nd image below which is the BART session:

Just look at BART's forecast! After the 40th hand, BART had forecasted 26 WINS vs just 9 LOSSES! This is how accurate BART can be and I have seen even better sessions in the past that I did not capture. Imagine, even if you played flat betting, you would still be up 17 units!

The next session was the complete opposite but don't jump to the wrong conclusions or deductions. Take a look and I will explain how I still won easily with this scenario.

So in the above session, after 41 hands, BART had forecasted 14 WINS vs 23 LOSSES. In my case, I made a decision somewhere after the 15th hand that I would bet against BART. My objective was just to win 5 units anyways and I managed that quite easily. So when you see sessions like this, where BART is forecasting more losses than wins, just bet against BART and you will be able to secure easy wins!

The 3rd session I captured is below:

In the above session, BART was also forecasting more losses than wins and as you can see, after the 42nd hand, BART had forecasted only 12 WINS vs 26 LOSSES. Again, I managed to win my 5 units easily because I bet against BART's forecast.

Some people might say, "what's the big deal to win just 5 units?" ...the question is, can you win 5 units every session? I made a plan and as you might have been following the case studies, I had started with just RM100 and I played according to my game plan, and I grew that RM100 into almost RM10,000!

If you have subscribed to the Free Newsletter, you will be receiving the full details including a spreadsheet I use to plan and track my progress. You can download it and edit it for your own personal use. You don't need a huge bankroll as I have demonstrated. You just need to be patient and not be greedy. Remember, you don't need to bet every single hand! Once you win your target units, exit the table!

And if you play online and have not tried BART, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the 3-DAYS FREE TRIAL!

To win consistently you need to have a plan. There are several important points to consider including:

  1. How much bankroll do you have?
  2. How much time do you have each day?
  3. What is your long-term goal?
  4. What is your daily target?
  5. Do you have self-discipline?
  6. Are you prepared to put in the hard work?

Now, to help you make your own plan, I am going to use a hypothetical player named John ok. John only has RM100 bankroll (RM is Malaysian Ringgit but if you play using USD then your bankroll is USD100 etc).

Ideally, John wants to make RM500 a day, playing only from Monday through to Friday and resting on weekends. That's equivalent to a monthly income of RM10,000 a month!

With an available bankroll of just RM100, that's not going to happen, BUT he can plan and work towards it. How? Let me show you how.

With RM100, if John picks a table with a table minimum of RM1, he will have a bankroll equivalent to 100 units, and that is good enough to get started.

Each session's target is to make RM5 or 5 units, all to be achieved with flat-betting. No progressions will be used.

With BART's assistance, each session should average about 10 minutes or so. So, depending on how much time John has per day, he can make a plan to play whatever sessions he has planned for.

With 20 sessions, and with each session's target being RM5 or 5 units, John will be able to double his bankroll once he achieves 20 sessions. It could be all in a day or he could spread it over 2 days, or whatever he has time for. He is not making RM500 a day yet, but he is on his way.

Once 20 sessions are completed, his bankroll will be equal to RM200. John can now move to the next level of play where each unit is now RM2 and his RM200 bankroll will be equivalent to 100 units as before.

The session target is still the same at 5 units, but this time the session target amount has become RM10 instead of RM5. So again, by achieving 20 sessions as before, he will end with a bankroll of RM400.

Do you see the pattern of this plan?


Upon reaching a bankroll of RM6400, John can then play using RM50 units to win just 10 units a day to give him RM500 a day.

The above is just to give you an idea of how to make a plan. You may want to adjust the units to more suitable units like RM5, RM10, RM20, and RM25 units instead of what I have used for the illustration above.

But the primary objective should be the same, and that is to build the bankroll up to at least RM5000 so that you can play using RM50 units and aim to win just 10 units a day. And these 10 units per day can be split into 5 sessions, with a session target of only 2 units which should be easily achievable.

You can even do 10 sessions with a target of just 1 unit per session if you prefer. DO NOT try to make 10 units in a single session because it is too risky. The fewer units per session, the safer your bankroll is.

You might be thinking that it is easier said than done, and you would be right BUT I am going to show you to prove to you that it is achievable. I am going to deposit RM100 to a new online casino account and I will do my best to show you how each session can be achieved using BART's help.

Tomorrow, I will start playing and I will post the results as I progress through each session. I will also try to record some videos if the internet connectivity is stable enough. If I can't record the video I will just post the screenshots of the session closing and also the BART session chart.

I will try and play say 10 sessions consecutively, with each session target being RM5 or 5 units and you can follow each session to see that it is achievable.

If you are not subscribed to BART you can sign up for the 3-Days FREE Trial and you can enter results and follow along or use BART to test some sessions of your own as well.

Look out for the session posts from tomorrow!

*** Ok I came back to edit this post to add the link to the first session for convenience: View Session-001

BART v3.0

We are pleased to announce the release of BART v3.0 and it is now available with immediate effect.

We will keep this brief and simply highlight the key features that come with this latest release.

BART v3.0 now takes your TIE entries into consideration and will also forecast for possible TIEs.

The more prominent feature is that BART now includes an optimized ALPHA which means you do not have to switch between values of ALPHA to try and see which ALPHA setting you should follow. We have simplified it so that you can just focus on one set of forecasts without having to switch and compare.

As always, BART's forecasts can result in more Ws > Ls but it can still result in more Ls > Ws but you can still leverage BART under such circumstances by betting the opposite - don't forget that!

All the best!

The pandemic has seen exponential growth in the number of players at online casinos worldwide and that is hardly surprising. Apart from the regular land-based punters, new casual players joined due to the boredom of being stuck at home from lockdowns everywhere and playing online became an easy way to pass the time and overcome the boredom.

Playing baccarat online is quite enticing nowadays with some online casino websites offering multiple casino operators all within one login. Each of these operators can offer between 6 to 12 or more baccarat tables at any one time, 24/7!

In some of these online casinos, baccarat dealers are dressed scantily in just bikinis and dancing to the beat of whatever music is blaring in the background. Interesting and yet distracting, to say the least.

Online Baccarat vs Land-based Baccarat

There are obviously significant differences between playing baccarat online compared to playing in a land-based casino.

Firstly, there is a distinct lack of casino atmosphere when you play online unlike when you walk into a land-based casino, you can really feel the excitement in the air right from the entrance to the gaming floor.

There is just no comparison and this is what most online players find lacking, and the reason why land-based casinos will undoubtedly continue to exist.

However, in some casinos, things have changed because of the pandemic. In trying to cut operational costs, some casinos have replaced tables with machines and that has significantly affected the overall atmosphere you would expect in a casino.

The excitement seems to have somewhat faded and the casino floor seems strangely quiet with people sitting at their terminals unlike before when you can expect noisy crowds at baccarat tables shouting for the next card to be a picture card and so on. This move by some casinos to replace tables with machines is not a good one and may impact patronage negatively in the long run.

When playing baccarat online, you are mostly on your own and you don't have an opportunity to see what other players are doing as you gauge the next hand to be dealt.

Some players often look around the table to see who is losing and then bet against them! With online baccarat, the only indication you have is the size of the overall bets on BANKER and PLAYER as an indicator as to what others are thinking and what the next hand might be.

Online baccarat is also extremely fast with less than 30 seconds in-between hands. This is a huge disadvantage for players as you are left with little to no time at all to record results for analysis before you place your next bet and it is quite easy to miss a bet which can impact your game plan if you were applying some sort of progression. Playing at a table is far more relaxed and more fun!

The other negative aspect of online baccarat is that you are at the mercy of your internet connectivity and also the online casino's server capacity. It is not uncommon to be disconnected in the middle of a game and often at critical junctures which can lead to frustration and breakdown of your discipline. 

One of the positive aspects of playing baccarat online is that the minimum bet is far lower than playing at tables in a land-based casino. This allows players at all levels to participate whereas table minimums at land-based casinos have increased tremendously due to the limited number of players allowed per table in order to comply with safe-distancing measures and the casinos have thus raised the table minimums in an attempt to drive revenue.

Another positive aspect of playing baccarat online is that you can utilize a tool like BART to help you track and gauge the shoe. Land-based casinos will not be too thrilled for you to use anything like BART at the tables and you will likely get yourself banned from the casino if you attempted to use any software.


BART is only suited for online because of the display space which is suited for desktop computers or laptops only. The screen on a smartphone is simply too small to use BART effectively.

If you have not tried BART make sure you sign up for the 3-Days Free Trial while it is still available! You will be amazed by the accuracy of BART's forecasting capabilities and once you have mastered how to utilize BART effectively, you will find that you cannot live without it when playing baccarat online!

But don't take our word for it - try it for yourself!

How does the ALPHA setting in BART affect the outcome?

ALPHA has a default value of 0.5 but it can be set to any of the following values:

0,  0.1,  0.2,  0.5,  0.6,  1.

Every session of baccarat has an optimized value of ALPHA that will result in the maximum number of WINS. Very often 2 of the ALPHA values will have the same W/L result but the pattern of W/Lmay not necessarily be the same.

In this real session case study below, the session was started with the default ALPHA setting of 0.5 but as the session progressed, the ALPHA value was changed and eventually settled on 1.0 as it was giving a consistently higher W/L ratio.

At the end of the session, screenshots were captured for various values of ALPHA for purposes of illustration to show you how the value of ALPHA can affect the overall outcome of the session.


ALPHA = 0 resulted in 19 Wins and 27 Losses



ALPHA = 0.2 resulted in 20 Wins and 26 Losses (ALPHA = 0.1 resulted in 21 Wins and 25 Losses)



ALPHA = 0.5 resulted in 23 Wins and 23 Losses (which was the same if ALPHA was set to 0.6)



ALPHA = 1 resulted in 28 Wins and 18 Losses, the clear winner!



So for any session, always start with ALPHA = 0.5 and after say 12 hands, check the outcome for various values of ALPHA to see which is the best and monitor it as your play progresses.

Switching to a different ALPHA is quite a common practice since you are trying to maximize the number of WINS. It is also not uncommon to switch back to a previous value of ALPHA should the trend change drastically.

It is not advisable to switch too often as you can become confused. If you find that you are switching to different ALPHA values too often because the trend had changed drastically, it is probably best to abandon the session and start a new one where the ALPHA value is consistently delivering Wins without the need to keep switching. 


After a prolonged period of testing and tweaking, we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of BART v1.0 for Baccarat. BART is a web-based analytical tool designed specifically for baccarat players who play online.

The primary problem with playing online is that the game is extremely fast and players simply do not have sufficient time to record and analyze the results to gauge the next outcome.

Yes, the next outcome will always be a 50-50 proposition and no one is arguing about that. However, there is no denying that patterns and trends do exist and that is the reason why players record results for analysis before they bet on the next hand.

BART is designed to let players enter game results which are then translated into 4 graphical charts to show how the shoe is trending.

More importantly, BART will also forecast the next outcome which the player can choose to bet with or against it, depending on the individual's assessment of the trending signals provided by BART.

Sample Baccarat Session
[Sample BART session - for illustration only]

BART is a membership subscription service and the subscription options are as shown below:

To use BART you need a valid subscription. Start by registering for the FREE TRIAL and if you wish to purchase a paid plan after the trial is over, you will need to buy a 'Prepaid Coupon' from an authorized reseller / prepaid agent. The 'Prepaid Coupon' will allow you to activate your subscription.

Unlike other services, BART does not charge you per session. Your subscription entitles you to unlimited sessions during the subscription validity period.

Furthermore, unlike other services, BART does not take a cut of your winnings! We do not track how much you bet nor how much you win or lose. You will no doubt win some and lose some, so we feel that whatever you win should be yours to keep 100% since you will suffer 100% of your losses should you lose.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that we do not provide any guarantees whatsoever if you decide to use BART in your baccarat gaming sessions. BART is provided on an "as-is" basis and you accept whatever risk there may be and accept that you are solely responsible for your own betting decisions and any losses you may incur are solely your own responsibility.


BART is the ultimate online casino game-playing companion that allows users to enter live session results for tracking, analysis, and forecasting the next outcome.