July 20, 2022


In this session, I started with a bankroll of RM100. The objective was to win RM5 playing with just RM1 unit bet. I should have video recorded the session but I didn't as the connection was a bit unstable today. In future sessions, I will try and record videos as I play each session.

Anyway, the session went very well and I ended up winning RM10 instead of the target of RM5. I had earlier created a spreadsheet to monitor my progress so I can share it with you all.

The plan is to play 20 sessions a day where each session's target is just RM5 for a bankroll of RM100. Now take note that a session does not mean that I play the whole shoe - not at all - I just play enough hands to reach my session target.

So technically speaking, I played 2 sessions here because I should have stopped after I won RM5 but not to worry, I will try to keep strictly to the session targets as I progress.

Below you can see the screenshot of the table where I played and the second screenshot is from BART.

In this session, I did not start betting right at the beginning. I monitored the trend for the first 6 or 7 hands and only bet when I felt confident of a win after gauging the next bet selection from all the signals available.

My confidence that BART was forecasting positively peaked after Hand#31 and I secured my target shortly afterwards and then decided to continue as BART was doing extremely well.

As I said, I should not have done that as I could have gotten carried away and continued to try and win another RM5 which would have affected my mental discipline. So, please take note of that because when you are playing online and just clicking away with your mouse, the bets do not feel like real money and it is too easy to get emotional and lose your self-control.

So if you are playing online, I strongly urge you to have a plan and set a very modest target like what I did: a bankroll of RM100 to make RM5 per session. The above session (technically 2 sessions) took me just 15 mins so if I play 20 sessions it should take me approximately 2 to 3 hours and my total wins should be 20 x RM5 = RM100 which is a 100% gain. Not bad for a couple of hours right?

The idea is to slowly build up your bankroll and once you reach the next threshold, you can play with a bigger base unit. So, in my case here, after I achieve the above my bankroll should be at RM200 which means I can start the next day's sessions playing at RM2 units where each session's target will be to achieve 5 wins @ RM2 = RM10 and playing 20 sessions = RM200 gain, bringing my closing bankroll up to RM400 and so on and so forth.

Please note that I did not apply any progression at all. I was just flat betting throughout.

Wishing you all the best in your online baccarat sessions!

*** And here is the link to Session-002


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