July 19, 2022

How To Win Consistently

To win consistently you need to have a plan. There are several important points to consider including:

  1. How much bankroll do you have?
  2. How much time do you have each day?
  3. What is your long-term goal?
  4. What is your daily target?
  5. Do you have self-discipline?
  6. Are you prepared to put in the hard work?

Now, to help you make your own plan, I am going to use a hypothetical player named John ok. John only has RM100 bankroll (RM is Malaysian Ringgit but if you play using USD then your bankroll is USD100 etc).

Ideally, John wants to make RM500 a day, playing only from Monday through to Friday and resting on weekends. That's equivalent to a monthly income of RM10,000 a month!

With an available bankroll of just RM100, that's not going to happen, BUT he can plan and work towards it. How? Let me show you how.

With RM100, if John picks a table with a table minimum of RM1, he will have a bankroll equivalent to 100 units, and that is good enough to get started.

Each session's target is to make RM5 or 5 units, all to be achieved with flat-betting. No progressions will be used.

With BART's assistance, each session should average about 10 minutes or so. So, depending on how much time John has per day, he can make a plan to play whatever sessions he has planned for.

With 20 sessions, and with each session's target being RM5 or 5 units, John will be able to double his bankroll once he achieves 20 sessions. It could be all in a day or he could spread it over 2 days, or whatever he has time for. He is not making RM500 a day yet, but he is on his way.

Once 20 sessions are completed, his bankroll will be equal to RM200. John can now move to the next level of play where each unit is now RM2 and his RM200 bankroll will be equivalent to 100 units as before.

The session target is still the same at 5 units, but this time the session target amount has become RM10 instead of RM5. So again, by achieving 20 sessions as before, he will end with a bankroll of RM400.

Do you see the pattern of this plan?


Upon reaching a bankroll of RM6400, John can then play using RM50 units to win just 10 units a day to give him RM500 a day.

The above is just to give you an idea of how to make a plan. You may want to adjust the units to more suitable units like RM5, RM10, RM20, and RM25 units instead of what I have used for the illustration above.

But the primary objective should be the same, and that is to build the bankroll up to at least RM5000 so that you can play using RM50 units and aim to win just 10 units a day. And these 10 units per day can be split into 5 sessions, with a session target of only 2 units which should be easily achievable.

You can even do 10 sessions with a target of just 1 unit per session if you prefer. DO NOT try to make 10 units in a single session because it is too risky. The fewer units per session, the safer your bankroll is.

You might be thinking that it is easier said than done, and you would be right BUT I am going to show you to prove to you that it is achievable. I am going to deposit RM100 to a new online casino account and I will do my best to show you how each session can be achieved using BART's help.

Tomorrow, I will start playing and I will post the results as I progress through each session. I will also try to record some videos if the internet connectivity is stable enough. If I can't record the video I will just post the screenshots of the session closing and also the BART session chart.

I will try and play say 10 sessions consecutively, with each session target being RM5 or 5 units and you can follow each session to see that it is achievable.

If you are not subscribed to BART you can sign up for the 3-Days FREE Trial and you can enter results and follow along or use BART to test some sessions of your own as well.

Look out for the session posts from tomorrow!

*** Ok I came back to edit this post to add the link to the first session for convenience: View Session-001


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