July 23, 2022


With a bankroll of RM140 after closing off Session-007, I started Session-008 with the aim of winning 5 units to close out with RM145.

Once again, with the internet connectivity still playing up, I did not bother trying to record the session.

This was again a very straightforward session and I made 5 units in the blink of an eye. It really was that fast.

BART Case Study Session 008
BART Session 008

I only started betting after the 18th hand and at that point, BART had forecasted 14 WINS and 3 LOSSES and I was highly confident that this was going to be an easy session to hit my target of 5 units.

I had no reason to bet against BART except when the DoD Chart signaled a 2 - 2 pattern between the 27th and 34th hand, and I followed that signal to easily reach my 5 units target. This was another extremely short session and it took me just over 5 minutes to close out with RM145 as intended.

I sure hope you are getting the drift now and that is you do not need to try and win too many units all at once. Break down your long-term plan into short sessions like I have done and just patiently work through each session.

Build your dream, session by session - it truly is achievable. There's no rush! Take your time and you can easily play between 10 to 20 short sessions per day and it wouldn't take all that long either.

In fact, recording the videos and then editing to add the voice-over commentary is taking up to 10 times longer but I really wanted to show you for real that it is achievable without putting your bankroll at risk. And thus far as you have seen, I only used single unit flat bets throughout. No progressions were used at all.

*** And here is the link to Session-009


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