July 23, 2022


Continuing on from Session-008, I started Session-009 with a bankroll of RM145 with the aim of winning 5 units to close out with RM150.

It was still not viable to record the video so I just left it.

If you thought the last session was fast, this one was lightning fast!

BART Case Study Session 009
BART Session 009

After entering the first 14 hands I observed that BART was forecasting more losses than wins thus far. And like I have been saying, that doesn't mean BART is not able to help you.

On the contrary, I took this as being very positive and if the trend continued with BART consistently forecasting more losses than wins, I would just simply bet against BART to secure a win!

And that was exactly what I did - I bet against BART's forecast and won the next 5 hands just like that!

The DoD chart was also extremely helpful with almost repeating patterns that helped me confidently decide to bet against BART's forecast. This session lasted less than 5 minutes!

If you still have not tried BART then sign up for the 3-Days FREE Trial and take BART for a test drive. You have absolutely nothing to lose!

Once you get the hang of using BART, I guarantee you will never play online baccarat without BART by your side.

*** And here is the link to Session-010


BART is the ultimate online casino game-playing companion that allows users to enter live session results for tracking, analysis, and forecasting the next outcome.