July 23, 2022


Continuing on from Session-009, I started Session-010 with a bankroll of RM150 with the aim of winning 5 units to close out with RM155.

Sorry, still no video - maybe late tonight when there are fewer users the speed usually improves and I will try to resume recording then ok.

This session took just 3 minutes to complete!

BART Session 010

I entered 28 hands and observed that BART had forecasted 15 WINS and 8 LOSSES and appeared to be trending that way.

I started betting on the 29th hand and was up 2 units after the 30th hand but then suffered 2 losses to take me back to square one.

I continued betting with BART's forecast and went 3 units up but once again lose it all back and back to square one yet again. This repeated two more times and then the DoD Chart came to my rescue with a possible reverse mirroring streak.

I decided to take the plunge and even though BART was still forecasting more WINS than LOSSES, I decided to follow the DoD Chart and I bet on BANKER, against BART's forecast of a PLAYER. The DoD Chart did not let me down but will it continue?

I had committed to follow through with the DoD Chart's signal, so I continued betting on BANKER against BART's forecast of PLAYER and duly secured 5 units in the BANKER streak which lasted 5 hands! Easy peasy!

*** And here is the link to Session-011


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